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Sapien Capital’s founder, Paul Gibson, also provides several boutique-quality specialized advisory services.

An expert in the field of family-operated enterprises including succession, leadership transition, coaching, and inter-generational challenges, Paul serves family businesses from $10 million to $2 billion; from a few family members to dozens.

An ICD-certified Director, Paul’s extensive personal governance experience allows him to act as an independent director for boards, as well as to provide structural, development, and recruitment guidance for the creation and operation of advisory and supervisory boards.

Sapien Services

Private Family Enterprise

Focus On Family Challenges

We coach and advise family members on how to lead, how to fulfill their potential without conflict, how to address issues with non-family professionals, and how to mediate the inter-generational challenges.

Structure for success

Family enterprises need structure as much, or more, than others – family councils to address education and resolve issues, advisory boards to bring professional governance, and disciplined practices for succession, performance appraisal and compensation to list a few.

Navigate Change

We help navigate transitions in leadership, culture change and the introduction of new family members to the business. Benefit from our skilled change management practices including communications, coaching, feedback systems and human capital management skills.

Our Expertise

Families We've Served

Three decades of work with family businesses allows Paul to bring expertise to the unique nature of family-run enterprises with a focus on the Human Capital and inter-generational challenges. 

Sapien Services

Governance & Board of Directors

Design a board that works

Our team provides strategic guidance on decisions to form an advisory or supervisory board including size, structure, operating policies and supports, including acting in a board.

Director Recruitment & Evaluation

Lean on our experience and processes to help with professional and objective director selection as well as executing board assignments to recruit CEO or other executives.

Expertise & education

Benefit from the advice and development of governance practices, evaluations, compensation, and delivery of Director education to meet requirements and to ensure your board succeeds.

Our expertise

Board Engagements

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