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Who we are

Sapien Capital’s talent search services are specifically geared to assist small to mid-sized private firms. Sapien Capital also provides strategic people management expertise through organizational design, management coaching, and fractional HR leadership.

Specialized family business support, scale-up entrepreneur coaching, and governance services round off the powerful solutions offering from the Sapien Capital team.

What we do

We help amazing organizations succeed

Sapien Capital serves entrepreneurs to address unique private company needs such as succession or generational transition, advisory boards, coaching for new leaders, or the human side of rapid growth.

We also guide executives in need of support for human capital projects and executive-level coaching, often through embedded, fractional leadership of the HR team.


Who We Are

The Sapien Team

Paul Gibson
Managing Director

Entrepreneurs and business executives turn to Paul for his ability to find talented people, develop business strategy, translate strategic needs into tactical plans and actions, and lead the execution of those plans. It’s that simple.

Prior to founding Sapien Capital, Paul was Chief Human Resource Officer for large private and public firms including Mattamy Homes, Palliser Furniture, Fidelity Investments and Noma Industries. His extensive knowledge of business operations and people leadership throughout North America allows him to lead our search and consulting practices. He provides matchless talent management, succession planning, organizational design, coaching, and cultural renewal into firms ranging from start-ups to legacy businesses with thousands of employees and billions in revenue. The common factors in these firms are private ownership and challenging growth.

An ICD-certified director, Paul has served as Vice Chair, Director or Advisor with For-Profit, Public Sector, and Not-For-Profit organizations. He often specializes in committee leadership that leans heavily on his ability to provide guidance and advice on practical succession planning, effective methods for managing performance, designing goal-driving compensation, and meeting the complex challenges of talent acquisition (and retention) in today’s markets.

An empty-nester with his wife Sally Ann, Paul’s passions for environmental and justice causes are partially served by providing pro bono strategic consulting to charitable organizations and foundations as well as zero-cost career transition services for low socio-economic youth.

Sally Ann Gibson
Director of Operations

Sapien Capital’s insightful and disciplined operations head, Sally Ann ensures great client and candidate experiences including ongoing follow-up with potential employees, guarding your employment brand as we represent you in your employment markets.

Monica Wong
Research associate

A skilled and creative researcher and recruiter, Monica (Theme Recruiting Solutions) brings her detailed orientation and expert insights to uncover the “hard-to-find” people who are out there waiting to be enticed by your role.

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