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I’ll start by introducing myself - I’m Paul Gibson, Managing Director of Sapien Capital and an advisor to private and family-run businesses. Prior to founding Sapien Capital, I was Chief Human Resource Officer for large private and public firms, including Mattamy Homes, Palliser Furniture, Fidelity Investments, and Noma Industries. 

Most of my clients today are entrepreneurial and include old and new economy participants - they are all growing and none are content to maintain. In addition to being a MaRS senior advisor for tech firms, I’ve been a chair, director and advisor with for-profit and not-for-profit boards including MTE Consultants, Hamilton Health Sciences, Daisy Intelligence, Maple Reinders Constructors, IKO Industries, Proceco Equipment, University of Guelph, and many others.

I've been helping people succeed in their careers for decades and I know what good jobs (and good employers) look like. Let me help you find a role you'll look back on as a "turning point" in your career.

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