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“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” – SOCRATES

People may have reported feeling more productive during the Covid-19 “Work From Home” period, but at home or at work many of us allow email, meetings, and distractions to actually make them less productive. Here are three simple techniques we can teach our teams or re-learn ourselves to get more of the right things done. The links below explain best practices. For more personalized guidance, just connect with us.

1 – Prioritize

The “Eisenhower Matrix” prioritizes the tasks that belong on your to-do list and their order. It points us to do the most important and urgent task first, even if it’s distasteful. Read or watch more.

2 – Schedule

Got your to-do list? Now throw it away… but only after you turn to-dos into time-bound calendar events. Tasks become realistic with a technique called calendar blocking. Read or watch more.

3 – Focus

Once you know what needs doing (and when), then it’s time to buckle down and produce. Use Pomodoro sprints to focus your energies. Read or watch more.

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