Find Great People.

Acquire and keep the talented people you need.

White Knight Search’s version of talent acquisition is more than just finding great leaders and effective employees – we help you integrate and keep them as well.

Finding Talent

Have you ever made a poor hiring decision? Finding the right people with the right talents, getting them to join you and fit into your culture is as intimidating a task as it sounds. We utilize robust research of industry sectors to find the people you need but who would not necessarily respond to advertising. We assess them with unique simulations to ensure that they can perform in your organization and deliver on expectations. Our model for retained search is economical and beyond the abilities of traditional search firms to reproduce.


Many new hires fail to stick. Is there something you can do about that fact? We offer unique on-boarding support to help ensure that the traditionally poor retention of senior or professional hires is not a concern for your firm. Facilitated new leader assimilation sessions, 100 day leadership 360 feedback and other tools are used to help you keep the people you’ve worked hard to attract.


Are you lying awake at night concerned that key people might leave your firm? Retaining key staff is more than paying them better. The programs to keep important people are as unique as the people themselves. We start by understanding what motivates performers and then we get creative about meeting their expectations and keeping them on board.

Client Testimonials

“It’s been years since White Knight sought me out using research methods that looked deep into many talent pools. Their simulation interviewing and cultural testing required effort and time but truly examined my abilities and my match with the leadership role at Allturf. I know that Allturf’s ownership group agrees with me – White Knight showed us what real talent search looked like at a critical point in our growth as we progressed to the profitable sale of the business.”

John Alpaugh – President
(Golf Materials & Services)

“As both a White Knight Search candidate and client I can attest to the surety and clarity delivered by their simulation interviewing programs as well as the lengths to which the firm goes to deliver an honest fit between candidates and client firms.”

Eric Dion – President

“Building teams and discerning between good and excellent fitting candidates is often an art. In addition to sharing some of the secrets of recruiting strategy, Paul showed us how to mix science and art in assessing potential employees and making more consistent first (and right) decisions.”

Najlaa Rauf – Director, People & Culture
Spark Power
(Electrical and Renewables)

“Over many years, White Knight Search has continued to find and help us attract talented people in roles through our family’s businesses. Good people are often hard to find and Paul and the team seem to have gifts for making the search easier… and more successful.”

Giocondo & Connie Niro – Founders
Roni Excavating

Your people are your business... and ours.

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