Build Better Boards.

Create, populate and operate effective boards.

The Governance Centre advises on the set-up and operation of governance bodies (advisory and supervisory) including performance of design, recruitment, moderation and directorship roles.

Board Design & Operation

Guidance on decisions to form an advisory or supervisory board including size, structure, operating policies and supports including board secretary and facilitator roles.

CEO & Director Recruitment

Engagement of search capabilities for professional and objective director selection as well as board assignments to recruit CEO or other executives (see White Knight Search).

CEO & Board Performance Evaluation

Development and execution of Board and CEO effectiveness and performance mechanisms as well as coaching for Board Chairs on the delivery of CEO evaluations.

CEO & Board Compensation

Expert development of Board and CEO compensation mechanisms to meet organizational goals.

Governance & Education

Advice and development of governance practices and delivery of Director education in compliance with due diligence requirements.


Fulfillment and delivery of many of the above advisory supports through a Directorship role with emphasis on chairing of Governance, Human Resource and Compensation related committees.

Client Testimonials

“As Chair of our Governance & Compensation Committee, Paul demonstrated his ability to manage disparate points of view and build consensus among directors. Researching, developing and implementing important elements of our board mandate, Paul managed challenges that were unique to our board structure. His broad skill set and experience ensure that he is well suited to consult on board issues and serve as a competent director.”

Rahul Suri – Past Chair
Daisy Intelligence
(Artificial Intelligence Software)

“Paul’s wise counsel and calm guidance were essential during our restructuring, particularly the difficult decisions regarding staff and managing our external relationships with funders. As Vice-Chair, he adeptly moved fellow board members toward consensus and helped diffuse contentious discussions with thoughtful insight and pragmatic alternatives. I personally valued his astute input, sense of humour, and willingness to lead.”

Tanja McQueen – Chair
(Ontario’s Water Technology Accelerator)

“Paul advised me as Board Chair, and supported the Operations Team at OpenWorm. Behind the scenes, Paul was a diplomat, advisor, and trusted counsel, always moving us forward. He helped us establish an organization that has operational rigour, kept us focused on key goals, and supported accountable board governance and exceptional recruiting. I’m grateful for his leadership, and his impact was substantial.”

Ryan Merkley – Former Chair
OpenWorm Foundation
(ArtificiaI Intelligence Research)

“I have found Paul to be a thoughtful, insightful colleague on matters of board governance. Drawing on his practical personal and professional expertise, he is a strong contributor and voice of experience in many areas of board and good governance practice.”

Shauneen Bruder – Chair
University of Guelph
(Comprehensive Ontario University)

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